Saturday 25 May 2013

Bitcoin 25 May 2013

The current Bitcoin price is $132.50 with an average of $129.93 for the last 24 hours.   It appreciates nearly $5 as compared to yesterday, quite a jump. Hopefully Bitcoin won't fluctuate too much, it will not be good for businesses trying to make use of it. .   Volume stands at 50 400 67 which is more than double that of yesterday's.

Blocks    237783
Total BTC    11.195M
Difficulty    11187257
Estimated    12073595 in 105 blks
Network total    92.605 Thash/s
Blocks/hour    6.94 / 519 s

Today's news is a Must Read from Forbes, it is giving Bitcoin Top 10 Sites.   But I certainly hope that more conventional merchant sites will be in Forbes Bitcoin Top 10 next year.   For instance those selling physical goods or house hold items.   Bitcoin really needs to breach those niches.

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