Friday 17 May 2013

Bitcoin 17 May 2013

The current Bitcoin price is $117.14999 with an average of $114.95 for the last 24 hours.   This is a good $4 more than 16 May 2013.  But is still a gradual move.  Volume is at 43 004.93.   

Blocks    236520
Total BTC    11.163M
Difficulty    11187257
Estimated    11836491 in 1368 blks
Network total    80.929 Thash/s
Blocks/hour    6.06 / 594 s

Not quite a good news today with US Officials Freezing an account related to a Bitcoin Exchange.   Well they are alleging that Mt Gox is conducting "unlicensed money service business".   The USA Treasury Department wants Bitcoin exchanges to be "subject to the same money-laundering rules as traditional providers".

Mt. Gox couldn't be reached for comment. A statement on its website said the company had "read on the Internet" about the warrant.
 Hope that Bitcoin providers especially such a major player the likes of Mt. Gox will be able to settle such issues and push forward to make Bitcoin a main Internet currency of the world.

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