Monday 20 May 2013

Bitcoin 20 May 2013

The current Bitcoin price is $122.80 with an average of $121.87 for the last 24 hours.   Bitcoin has been staying in a very tight range recently which is good for its implementation.  Volume stands at 20 603.36.  

Blocks    236991
Total BTC    11.175M
Difficulty    11187257
Estimated    11973277 in 897 blks
Network total    82.285 Thash/s
Blocks/hour    6.17 / 584 s

Bitcoin in the news with an Interview in PC World with a Bitcoin Developer.   He talks about the various aspects of Bitcoin including the elusive founder Satoshi Nakamoto.   He concluded that to ease the worries for the governments, Bitcoin exchanges should be regulated.   Problem of regulating, I feel will destroy the anonymous nature of Bitcoin.   We next have news on the The Winklevoss Brothers going into Bitcoin in CNN Money.   Wow!  We really have all the major news sites talking about us finally.   There is also an interesting piece in Quartz guessing that Bitcoin's creator is Japanese mathematician Shinichi Mochizuki.   Frankly speaking I feel that the author is extremely far fetched in the guessing.   Everything seems to be a guess without a shred of real solid proof.   By his criteria, I think everyone can be a Satoshi Nakamoto.   Come on give us proof.   There is enough speculations already about the identity but we need real hard evidence.

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