Saturday 18 May 2013

Bitcoin 18 May 2013

The current Bitcoin price is $123.50 with an average of $121.44 for the last 24 hours.   This is a narrow range I must say about a deviation of $2 which is stable and good.  Volume stands at 79 463.33.  

Blocks    236635
Total BTC    11.166M
Difficulty    11187257
Estimated    12018011 in 1253 blks
Network total    82.882 Thash/s
Blocks/hour    6.21 / 580 s

Bitcoin news coming from the Los Angeles Times!  Business Section about Bitcoin concept is gaining currency!    This is a great post alright!   It is telling us that Bitcoin came as a rebel but is gaining popularity with Silicon Valley with about 1000 representatives this weekend discussing about Bitcoins!   I love this quote "I think we're starting to see Bitcoin moving out of the shadows of the Internet into something that becomes more mainstream," said Jeremy Liew, a partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners. "We're starting to solve real problems for real people. And that's exciting."   We are getting there Brothers, we are going Main Stream!   Just look at the number of Venture Capitalists mentioned in this article.  It seems that they are all over us wanting to throw money at us to bring Bitcoins into mainstream!   My main worry is the last part which mentions about government intervention.   Hope they won't caused too much a problem for us by introducing some ridiculous laws.

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