Sunday 8 April 2012

Founding of Bitcoin

Bitcoin was invented by Mr Satoshi Nakamoto.   Whether if this is his actual name remains unknown.   There is no attempt by the founder to come out into the open.  No one knows for sure who he is.   There is a lot of investigative works and guesses about his identity, but that's about it.  No one really comes close to identifying him.  

He wrote a non peer review paper on Bit Coin.   This was the origins of the Bitcoin project.   From his papers, bitcoin client which allows for the creation of Bitcoin wallets to store and do transactions with Bitcoins as well as huge mining rigs for Bit Coin mining was setup.   He remains a mystery but his Bit Coin was spreading throughout the world.   It isn't really wide spread but still the niche size of those interested in Bit Coin is quite large and a lot of money was also spend on specialized mining rigs to generate Bit Coins.

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