Thursday 6 June 2013

Bitcoin 6 Jun 2013

The current Bitcoin price is $121.90959 with an average of $121.46 for the last 24 hours.   This is an increase of about 50 cents from yesterday which is a very tight range.   I hope that Bitcoin is stabilizing after 3 days of up and down.   Volume stands at 16 601.88.

Blocks    239973
Total BTC    11.249M
Difficulty    15605633
Estimated    15823621 in 1947 blks
Network total    126.256 Thash/s
Blocks/hour    7.27 / 495 s

For news, Forbes carried an article about Bitcoin Mixing services.  It is talking about the regulation of Bitcoin.  If the registrations are tight, the issue of Mixing services such that the Bitcoin is transferred over many accounts causing the original account to be untraceable.  These services are also known as Bitcoin laundry services.   Zerocoin which is developed by John Hopkins University is another way of doing it just that it does not require the providers.

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